We are a leading manufacturer of pressed metal parts, welded and assembled parts.

PAMET, spol. s r.o. was established in 1992. Our core program has become metal parts for the electrical industry and small metal fabrication. During the company’s existence we have managed to build a prosperous manufacturing company. Our goal is to complete orders in high quality, within the required deadlines and at competitive prices.

We currently employ more than 115 employees and generate a turnover of over € 14 million in 2023.

In 32 years on the market, we have become a major partner and supplier in the field of demanding metal stamped parts for the automotive industry, welded assemblies for the furniture industry, for major foreign and domestic customers.

Why choose us

Precise selection of suppliers of press tools guarantees high reliability in the serial production process of cutting, punching and bending parts – all according to customer requirements.

Our very good technical, economic and organisational skills guarantee true quality in all respects.

Customer requirements are our top priority, we follow them closely and turn their visions and suggestions into reality.

Proven managerial and economic processes guarantee the successful growth of our company.

As a company, we fully support and develop the individual responsibility and creativity of all employees involved in the development of the production process and its implementation.

On the basis of long-term cooperation and jointly achieved successes, we create a sense of security not only for the customer, but also for all employees of our company.

years on market
mil. EUR
turnover in 2023