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28.9.2022 | The company PAMET is closed due to the national holiday on 28 September 2022.

27.9.2022 | PAMET, s.r.o. celebrates 30 years of the company's founding with its employees in HEIPARK Tošovice.

14.2.2022 | The company PAMET, spol. s r.o. was founded exactly 30 years ago, on February 14, 1992 by Mr. and Mrs. Pantálek.

08.11.2021 | We offer free production capacities: metal stamping on eccentric presses 160 and 250t, degreasing of aluminum parts in a water bath in a contin. line

09/2021 | New servo press EBU 2500kN was installed.

06/2021 | We have expanded the measurement options with the new ATOS Q optical scanner.

04/2020 | New equipment for welding aluminum screws, bolts and other fasteners to aluminum parts model TE15AC from company STANLEY-TUCKER acquired.

02/2020 | Acquisition of the marking laser HXP30-CARUSEL from the company MEPAC CZ s.r.o.

12/2019 | New 400 ton press machine ZH 4000x2500 AS installed.

06/2019 | Installation of a new press machine ZH1300-1000