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01.07.2016 | CIDEM Hranice, a.s. is the new owner of PAMET, spol. s r.o.

2016 | We are preparing a new production hall for fitting production plant

01.03.2016 | The new CEO of the company was appointed by Petra Mikulášková; the position of head of sales department took Lukáš Orlita

08.2015 | Installation of water degreasing line KRAINTEC

06.2015 | Publishing of the company magazine called "Listování"

01.06.2015 | The company is getting ready for the installation of a new continuous water degreasing line.

30.10.2014 | A new HEXAGON DEA GLOBAL Classic 3D measuring machine has been put into operation.

09.10.2014 | The company has been awarded the “2014 AL-KO Supplier in the Field of QUALITY” prize.

03.10.2014 | The company management system has been certified in compliance with ISO 14001:2004.